The Dead Rabbit V2

dead rabbit v2

The all new dead rabbit v2 RDA comes with an enhanced build deck to ensure maximum performance and ultimate performance for any bikers who would want one. The latest version comes with a larger display for more detailed information on your bike, and the two airflow chambers have been expanded to give you even more breathing options. The advanced balanced electronic display has a display that ranges from three minutes to fifteen minutes for more accurate readings.

The new improved version of the Dead Rabbit V2 has a larger display compared to the original but still maintain the same easy to read operation for those quick times when you need to quickly compare stats on your bike. The side-by-side airflow controls give a better even flow through your electronic devices when you have several in your system. The larger chamber provides better vapor compression and circulation for all vapers. The improved airflow chambers also help to increase the efficiency and decreased air leaks that are common with many portable units. The new improved version of dead rabbit v2 also has an auto shut off system to give you even less maintenance and hassle.

The improved model of dead rabbit v2 comes with a leather pouch and a two-year warranty. This gives you more reliable and long lasting products as opposed to those that are limited only to six months or one year warranties. The new ergonomic design has been specifically designed to fit most keys and pads on your keyboard. The user manual is designed to be easy to understand and convenient for any users, regardless of their level of experience.

The upgraded version comes with the standard four adjustable airflow chambers as found on the original version and some newer models which can hold up to twelve bottles at once. This means that you can have more than enough capacity in any single system for those that enjoy making multiple systems for different situations. The new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 area has a built in dual post build deck. The quad post build deck has been modified and now has extra room to add extra tanks.

The new v2 deck is twenty-five millimeters thick and can accommodate even the largest modulating modulator systems on the market today. There are no extra modifications needed for use with the original Vapes Fastbox, but some users prefer to use a smaller version with an additional twenty-five millimeter diameter post for added capacity. Many people who like to build their own mods prefer the ease of using the original version with the twenty-five millimeter build deck. The new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 rda is compatible with most mods except for the larger mods that will require larger inner barrels. If you plan on using the larger ones, it is important to note that the inner barrels will need to be replaced from time to time due to wear and tear.

Another major difference with this new model is that there is a built in airflow control system built into the side panel. The airflow can be adjusted with a side switch or a twist of the wrist. This adjustable airflow makes it easy to create a perfect smoking experience every time. To further improve the airflow of the device many manufacturers have added a front post to the top of the unit. This allows for a good air flow through the sides of the bowl while keeping the coils clean.

The v2 comes with three standard sizes of airflows, standard, giant, and the giant side. The giant size is probably going to be the most popular as this increases the amount of airflow available to you. The standard side airflows provide very good results. The giant size of the box modulates airflow based on your preference. Either airflow can be adjusted with a twist of the wrist or a side switch.

In the box mod, which is one of the most popular styles, the top side diagonal honeycomb airflow is a very nice addition. This airflow seems to help cure many of the internal problems that you might be experiencing with your unit. With the giant side and standard top side airflow adjustments it is possible to change the mood of your smoking experience any time you like.