AEGIS Boost Pod Mod Kit Review – Cool Features and Excellent Value

The new Vandy Vaportek AEGIS Boost Pod Mod is just one of many new vaporizer devices from Vandy. They are a company known mainly for their flavorful gum and scented gums. Their new product is a breathable, pocket-size, electronic vaporizer that you can use with your electronic device to help reduce bacteria while giving you a flavorful vapor. It has a unique electronic tank that holds a combination of your favorite e-liquid flavors and a cool mist.

aegis boost pod mod

While there are many different vaporizers out there that come with a variety of different features, none is quite as portable as the AEGis Boost. Vandy’s AEGis Boost Pro Mod comes with an internal battery, which means you do not need to use a rechargeable battery. This means a longer lasting power source, longer charging times, and a much easier transition between different styles of e-liquid.

With the aegis boost pod mod, you get a powerful mod with a built-in battery life. The internal battery lasts up to four hours on a full charge, and it charges up quickly as well. You can either choose a high or low wattage setting, and both are very comfortable to use. I would personally recommend the low wattage setting as a person who may not really use a lot of aegis boost products would probably get a lot of mileage out of a medium wattage setting. Otherwise, most users will find a medium setting to be just fine for getting a good vapor with a great bang of vapor.

To top it all off, the GeekVape aegis series offers a plethora of different options and upgrades. The vapor outputs are a great deal more powerful than the original aegis series, and each output has a variable voltage output to match the wattage. While the original aegis series was a huge hit because of it’s cool looking green and red LED, this version has a sleek black design that looks amazing when you are using it. I have personally found that the green colors look cooler on the face of your pod than the original, and I personally prefer the black version with the green LED as well.

One of the coolest features about the GeekVape aegis boost pod mod is the adjustable airflow dial. You can choose how much you want to vapate, and how fast you want it to go through the system. While it has a lot of fan settings, there is also a slight adjustment for the battery life.

If you are a fan of the old school style of a portable vaporizer, then the vandy gadgets are for you. It looks similar to a cooler that has a button on the side, but it has a heat up feature on the side. It works similar to the aegis by allowing you to turn the unit on and off without turning the knob. The vaporizer will stay on until you manually switch it off or press a button. I have to say, I really like how it looks. For a low cost vaporizer that also performs like a decent computer, it is pretty awesome.

In my opinion the only negative thing about the GeekVape aegis boost pod mod would be the battery life. I get about a month of use out of the three hundred and sixty dollar vaporizer before it needs a recharge. I can get about a half a week of use out of the one up model. I think if you use it more than this amount of time, you might not be able to get around using it on a daily basis. The other thing that I found with the vaporizers that are made by GeekVape is that they are very well made, so they should last a long time.

The aegis boost pod mod kit definitely has my vote as one of the best vaporizers on the market. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, and it allows me to adjust the temperature for a perfect hit every single time. It’s a truly great piece of kit and I highly recommend getting one for yourself. There are a lot of vaporizers out there, but none can come close to what the aegis boost does. If you are a fan of desktop blowers, then you need to get your hands on a boost model and put it to good use.