The Finest Fruit RTA Juice Pod – Reap the Benefits of Vaporski’s Top Quality Juice Pod

dead rabbit v2

The new improved dead rabbit v2 has been designed for those who love to go through their mods in a smooth manner, whether it’s changing spring tightness, turning the extra oomph to maximum power, or just adding that final little tweak to that already great sounding system. The great thing about this particular kit is that you can do so much more than just change out some coils on the heating element. You can get more coils, get a larger heater plate, even get some really nice looking glass bits that make any style of electronic device look classy.

With the new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 24mm, you have a lot more choices in terms of how you can customize your RDA. The original dead rabbit v2 came with four standard sizes of airflow inlets, but now you can upgrade to double and even triple airflow inlets. If you’re going to go for a super fast mod, you can opt to get a speed controller, which helps you change your wattage and speed at will. This makes it ideal for those who love to change things up, but don’t want to deal with messing around with a bunch of wires.

The new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 RTA has upgraded parts, including a new glass accent ring for that added flair. The standard model has a sleek black box with large rectangular cutouts for vapor flowchips and coils, which can be uninstalled for a more streamlined look. The larger ring has smaller cutouts that are perfect for putting in your mod’s airflow ducts, increasing the amount of room available for your herbs and other goodies. It’s an attractive addition that improves the appearance of this RTA by leaps and bounds.

One of the best features of the original version of this remarkable herbal Vaporizer is its top airflow control. Since we’ve already discussed how the new Vaporski Hellvape RTA has superior vapor quality due to its ability to utilize its double side air slit, we won’t discuss the importance of this feature any further here. The way this vaporizer works is by letting liquid pass through its side ports before being pushed out the back. As the liquid passes through the port, it gets heated and then pushed into the reservoir, creating a vacuum. This is what causes most of the positive reviews about the Hellvape RTA, since it allows for great flavorful vapor without much effort on the part of the user.

The updated version of this incredible Vaporizer also includes two extra airflow tubes. These larger tube make it easier to utilize both top and bottom airflow, increasing the amount of vapour generated while drastically increasing the efficiency at which it gets filtered. The larger coils included in the RTA have been tuned to produce a greater amount of vapour per minute than the original version, and they produce a smoother and more delicious flavour as well. In addition to this, the dual coil system used in this RTA is improved upon even further. While the original RTA only contained one single coil, the newer models include dual-coil units.

One of the most common complaints about RTA’s is that they tend to heat up quickly and produce an incredibly volatile flavour. Thankfully, the new Vaporski Hellvape RTA comes with a wide temperature range so that even the most temperamental vapers can use this fantastic unit without worrying about getting their hands burned. The wide, ribbed banded interior of the reservoir is also beneficial for ensuring that even the most ardent vaper does not get a face full of gooey coil.

The replacement glass for this amazing Vaporizer is made from a high quality, surgical grade glass that is guaranteed to resist the damaging effects of moisture. The silicone ring around the ring has been tightly pulled to ensure that air can pass freely through the narrow opening, and the new sliding mechanism is completely sealed to prevent any unwanted leakage. The RTA’s cap is also made from surgical grade silicone, and is guaranteed to provide maximum protection against air loss or spillage. One side of the RTA has also been raised, which allows for easier and efficient cleaning.

The build deck on the Vaporski Hellvape RTA is much larger than that of the original model, and this is useful when working with larger, more complicated equipment like blenders or electric boilers. The larger area of the build deck means that more can be packed into each hole, meaning a better quality of taste from each hit. The RTA has two standard wick holes, and one slightly larger opening for another wick. The large opening provides for excellent vapor management, and the two standard wicks are covered by the standard silicone ring on the side. The Hellvape RTA’s sliding mechanism is also more streamlined than that of its predecessor, and there is no longer a need for a airflow switch. When compared to other RTA units, it may seem a smaller unit, but the superior performance means that this is a highly desirable addition to the range of fruit based e-liquid available to customers.