Review of the Timesvape Dreamer White Pearl Rechargeable Watch


The new flagship product from Mech Modular the timesvape Hottest Hatter is a high performance mod with two interchangeable lenses. The Hatter is a two piece watch that comes with a stainless steel square face with black buttons, a leather band and a rubber strap. Like the originals, the Hatter comes with a stainless steel spring loaded push button, a stainless steel safety lock, a leather band, and a black acrylic bezel. The Hatter’s interchangeable lenses come with a built-in light mechanism and a safety lock to prevent accidental pressing of the button while changing lumen values. The Hatter weighs 8 ounces for a base model and clocks in at only 401g.


What is unique about the Hatter? It is unlike any mod that we have seen before. The futuristic design concepts and technologies used in the creation of the timesvape are present in this product. A sleek stainless steel body is topped with a large silver round disc, which when illuminated, changes colors, making the watch more legible. On the outside, there is a small yet sharp clear panel where the date and time can be seen. On the inside, a charging port, an AC adapter, a 2.4 volt floating battery and a microprocessor control system make up the interior of the watch.


The new Hatter’s exterior is designed to be a lot more aesthetic than functional. In a sense, this is an attempt to ditch the bulky and awkward design of the original timeslip watch and replace it with something a bit more futuristic looking and futuristic in nature. The metallic silver metal is used on the Hatter’s face and its silver-tone buttons, bezel, and crown protector feature a futuristic design as well. This style of watch will also have a bit of a futuristic look about it, especially if you purchase one with a stainless steel body and a silver or black buttons. The design of the Hatter’s exterior is quite different than most other android watches that are currently being produced.


The Hatter’s design is also different from the majority of other android wrist watch designs in a way that it uses a mechanical mod instead of a quartz mechanic. What makes this mechanical mod special is that it is composed of a thin steel wire and a pair of ceramic discs. The mechanical mod is connected to a spring, which makes the watch work. When the wearer presses a button on the watch, the ceramic discs bend and expand in response to the pressure of the button and thus move to create a mechanical movement inside the watch.


If you don’t know what I am talking about, I’ll give you a simple example of how the Hatter works. Whenever you go to draw your phone battery, what you see is the mechanical portion of the cell pushing the battery through the hole in the phone. This mechanical part is what makes this product work. In case you didn’t know, the resistance that the battery experiences is measured in milliamps. If the resistance is measured in amperes, it would be described as the amount of force required to lift the weight of a pound.


One of the most common complaints people have about this product is the fact that it lacks a protection layer against the effects of wearing and tear. I believe this criticism falls into the area of quality vs. price. Although this product is very sturdy, it is not designed to be indestructible. It is made of a thick outer case, but unfortunately, it is not capable of offering any sort of protection against damage or scratches. Since the Hatter uses a thin steel wire, any force applied to it will more than likely pass through, leaving the user without any form of protection.


Speaking of protection, I find that the design of the Hatter leaves something to be desired. The exposed wires are an eyesore because it is clear that there is no cover over them. When I took this watch for a test drive, I decided to expose the exposed wires to my Ohms Law laboratory apparatus. My assistant and I quickly discovered that the exposed wire connections created a measurable amount of heat. Luckily, I had purchased a cover for my Hatter while I was still in the store, but I would have saved myself a lot of money by purchasing one right off the shelf.


Overall, I am a huge fan of the Hatter from timesvape. It offers a great deal of convenience and functionality. The mechanical engineering of the device allows it to stand up against most of the competition. The dreamer does not have the wow factor of other products on the market that are marketed towards women. However, for the price it is extremely affordable and extremely durable. If you want to wake up with a warm glow each day, invest in a timeshare with this awesome company.