How an Aegis Boost Review Will Help You Decide Between This and the Jackaroo Mod Kit

aegis boost

One of the hottest new hand warmers out in the market today is the GeekVape aegis boost. Many of us have become accustomed to typical hand warmer devices that we use in our own homes. These devices are typically made up of a metal plate that has a couple of buttons and a heating element at the end. You place your hands underneath the plate and turn a knob to set the temperature and then release to heat your hands.

There are a number of advantages to the AEGIS Boost. The first is the variable airflow control. It allows you to regulate the amount of air that passes through the device. In particular, the Aegis Boost Pro can support IP 67 dust, water, and shock protection. The USB-C shape allows for a much faster charging time than most other handheld vaporizers. If you’re looking for a portable battery heater with great battery life, the geekvape aegis boost may be just what you’re looking for.

The second advantage to the AEGis Boost is its wattage. At forty-five watts, it’s one of the highest wattage options on the market for a vaporizer. You get more wattage than most devices in terms of voltage and can get up to two hours of solid battery time between recharges.

The third advantage to the aegis boost is the fact that it utilizes a foot pump to get the vapors into the device. Like many vaporizers with a bottom base that have a leak, you need a screwdriver to remove the mouthpiece so you can use it to fill the tank. The aegis boost mod has a foot pump instead. This helps make filling the tank a lot easier, especially if you don’t have a lot of wiggle room. A jackaroo pod kit does not have a foot pump, but the company does provide replacement pods for users that prefer them.

The fourth advantage to the AEGis Boost is the fact that it produces very strong vapors. The vapor produced by the unit is stronger than what you’d get from most other vaporizers. This makes it perfect for people who enjoy mixing their own e-liquid with their combustible stick style vapor. A typical vaper should not be able to take a hit from an atomizer that’s less than fifteen watts because the juice will not be strong enough. Average aegis boosting mod should produce close to one hundred percent wattage.

The last major advantage to the AEGis Boost is that it is much easier to clean. Most vaporizers require a lot of work and time to completely clean out. It’s really not worth it when you’re spending the money on a good product like the AEGis Boost. A jackaroo pod cleaning kit comes with the device and can be used to clean without any problems.

One final advantage to the AEGis Boost lies in its adjustable airflow ring. The airflow control ring allows you to change the amount of air delivered to your coils. This means that you can get a very intense hit from a very small coil. Most vapers don’t get a lot of power from five coils. If you want to increase your voltage, you can without worrying about blowing out your coils.

The overall build quality and performance of the aegis boost over a similar style vaporizer is hard to surpass. Most vaporizers are made of cheap materials that bend easily and can break when used for the long term. But the jackaroo mod has a stainless steel base and a rubber band around the base to hold it in place. It also has two adjustable airflow controls and a large amount of flexibility.