Rebuild Ideout Dot Com

Post: 2009/06/16 [10:09:38 AM - Tuesday]
It's been a while since I tag this domain for my own. Starting as a place to learn about web design, this tiny little space now grown to be my second world or maybe my second live. I spend a lot of time to play around in this space doing graphic, coding, animation, and anything else I like. I even find some friends back there when I still doing blogging along with and (I miss that time Öhe he).

Some friends says I must step forward and concentrate more to build this space to make benefit on it. Well thatís not a bad suggestion, even I still have no 100% faith that this will work but I think itís worth to try (same like my faith to write in English rather than Indonesian, but still I write it). From time to time Iíve been trying to do a lot of think except this one, so why not letís try it.

Rebuild this space is not that easy, I must fixing my own cms script (script that I write more than 3 years), planning the layout and content, push myself to learn how to draw cartoon (still newbie), push myself to learn how to write a blog (he he Ö I hate this), and anything else that I never done before. But itís ok Iíll take it as a time to learn more.
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