Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Post: 2010/05/24 [4:39:46 PM - Monday]

Three years after Sarah Fisher's death, Sam Fisher is back !! He remotely located and contacted by former Third Echelon called  "Grim"  in a marketplace situated in Valetta, Malta. He is warned that a group of hitmen have located him. Sam dispatches them and interrogates the leader, then he get the information about who responsible for the death of his daughter.

Splinter Cell: Conviction introduces a number of new game play features to the series, one of which is the "Mark & Execute" feature, which allows the player to mark specific targets, such as enemies or objects, and shoot them when they burst through a door or window. Another new feature is the "Last Known Position", which occurs when the player breaks the line of sight of an alerted guard. This creates a visual silhouette of where the guard thinks Sam is, allowing the player to strategically flank his enemies. Other new features include the ability to interrogate characters in real-time and use objects in the surrounding environment against them. Several other features, such as blending into crowds, improvising gadgets, and interaction with the environment.

The bad think about this game is that the campaign is short and easy. Well I missed double agent, but compare with the first and second splinter cell, this game is short (I finished only in half day). It same experience when I play Call Of Duty series, when I start to get fun; it ended.


I can not play this game at the  first time installed. Every time I try to play, a "Critical error" always show up and said that there's General Protection Fault ! So I download my sound driver for windows 7 and install (I'm using driver from windows 7 before that). I'm also updating my directx with DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from microsoft. It solve the problem, but I don't know witch one that really solve the problem.

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